About Us
Mr. Gachago is strategic leader passionate about healthcare. His lifelong ambition is to leverage his business, clinical and information technology experience in the US Healthcare system to help transform the delivery of healthcare in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). While these geographies present unique challenges they also present tremendous opportunities where even small differences in healthcare supported by information communications technology can produce substantial positive outcomes. His zeal to help African LMICs achieve the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals through effective National E-Health Strategy, Health Information System Policy and E-health Project Management and Execution, is second to none. 

Dr. Lawrence Adu is an active healthcare provider practicing in Florida, USA. He is passionate about transforming the delivery of healthcare in Africa with an active foundation (Isoko Health Foundation) engaged in delivering free care to rural regions of Nigeria and leveraging technology to do the same in his practice.

Mr. Okiyo is a longtime IT professional in the U.S Human Resource and Public Health sectors, one of my lifelong aspirations, and most passionate personal goals, is to utilize my vast IT experience and knowledge, to help accelerate the delivery of healthcare services worldwide, especially in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) throughout Africa. As a Kenyan American, currently serving as the longtime Lead IT Engineering Consultant at the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he is responsible for managing and maintaining the CDC’s global IT network, which given him a unique, first-hand, and working knowledge of many of the specific IT challenges, technologies and solutions required to help African and other developing LMICs achieve the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Kandie is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Mobile Planet Ltd, East Africa’s first Wireless Application Service Provider. As a strategic leader who is passionate in the telecommunications industry, his primary role is to develop new services for mobile operators, continually improve existing services and search for new business opportunities. He has developed extensive knowledge in the telecommunications industry from both a theoretical and practical standpoint.

 Ken is a Senior IT and Business Professional that has been providing thought Leadership and Mentorship in the SAP space for 18+ years. He’s been involved in, participated, and contributed to the SAP and IT evolution; from Client Server (R/3), NetWeaver, Cloud, HANA/Analytics Big Data (IoT). Over that period, he’s been involved in Architecting and
Managing some of the largest and most complex SAP implementations and IT Transformation Projects; spanning industries including Public Sector, Manufacturing, Energy, FiServ, Telco/Media, and Life Sciences.
He currently leads the Global Team of EMC SAP Specialists Community; continuing to provide Thought Leadership, Mentorship, and Value to these >eld practitioners in the area of EMC Solutions that produce Business outcomes for our SAP Customers. He’s also part of EMC’s
SAP Global Leadership Team that’s responsible for GTM Strategies, Planning, and overall performance and execution of the SAP business. He has demonstrated an ability to lead based on experience, knowledge, passion and competence.
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